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Why Do You Need a Professional Translator?

In the New Mexico metro area, over one half of the community speaks some level of Spanish. Many second generation bilingual relatives constantly translate for their parents and others, and it’s very likely that even a small business will have at least one individual on the payroll who serves in this capacity at home… and possibly, at work, too.

So why not have these Spanish-speaking bilingual friends or staff translate your official documents, contracts, marketing materials, and other needs as they arise?

The answer is simple: quality, consistency, and experience. Specialized legal vocabulary and medical terms require years of study in both English and Spanish to properly translate. Marketing departments spend large amounts of time creating perfectly nuanced and idiomatic concept for their ad and brand copy.

Can you risk an error, misunderstanding, or garbled message? If not, you need a professional translation, one that is backed by years devoted to testing and ongoing study.