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Spanish Interpretation for Law Firms, Courts, and Legal Professionals

For legal matters — whether discussing child support, accepting witness testimony, or instructing a defendant — precision is everything.

New Mexico Interpreter provides experienced court interpretation services in several areas, such as translating a written statement, ensuring comprehension of instructions from a judge, or serving as a medium in a give-and-take before a jury.

Justices, witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, and legal teams are all likely to use language that cannot sensibly be translated with a “dictionary” definition.

Spanish Interpreters in Denver for the Legal CommunityOur interpreters are well-versed in idiomatic slang and street terms, and thus can convey the true meaning of a phrase into English or Spanish clearly.

Consider the literal meaning of one of thousands of phrases such as “throw the book at them” and the potential for misunderstanding is obvious.

With New Mexico Interpreter, all sides on a legal process can speak naturally, secure in the knowledge that their words will be interpreted with full meaning intact.

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